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Friday, November 30, 2012


So every summer after my birthday (May 16th in case you want to give this girl a gift!)I decide that I must lose that winter hibernation weight. After much thought and a week of eating every carb under the sun, I begin my quest to weight loss. My first crucial step was finding the cutest workout clothes because, boys work out and its important to look cute on those trails that are dominated by males. So I scoured the internet to find the cutest running outfit and landed on a cute pair of Metallic Striped Athletic Pants in black, with a purple GEO Crossback Athletic Tank. My second step was to upload the best workout songs onto my ipod ( I first tested the music by busting a few moves)and create a playlist.I bought a cute pair of Nikes and the Nike+ tracker and I thought I was on my way. But then I got my hair done and I ran into what I like to call Black Girl Problems. I got my hair relaxed and got extensions done! So do I run and sweat out my relaxer :(
Or do I put running aside and keep my hair looking good :)
After much thought I realized that despite everything I had done and my minor Black Girl Problem I lacked the motivation to get out there and run! So my question to you is what do you do to get motivated? Whether it be when it comes to physical activity or just motivation in every day life.

My Nike shoe box which, does not house my Nikes but instead is my make-shift craft box!


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