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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


1.Summer's Eve- Which is for your vijayjay, which I will affectionately be referring to as your "cookie" on this blog. I mean if Oprah Winfrey can coin the phrase vijayjay, then why cant Nakesha Joseph coin the term cookie. Basically this is a cleansing wash which is specifically for your cookie. This keeps your cookie smelling fresh and clean without smelling like a cookie monster! This product in gynaecologist tested, fragrance free, and the company does not test on animals.
2. Eucerin- My trusty Eucerin Creme suggested to me by my dermatologist when I was twelve years old, this is definitely my holy grail moisturizer. It works perfect for someone like me who has dry, sensitive, and itchy skin. I use this after I get out of the shower and it last a full 24hrs.
3.Neutrogena Body Clear-I've only been using this body wash for a while but its been pretty good thus far. Body Clear treats and helps prevent body breakouts which can occur on the chest, back, and shoulder. My only complaint about this product is that it does leave your skin feeling quite dry but, thankfully I have Eucerin
4.St Ive's- used the St. Ive's Apricot scrub for the first time and completely broke out, I was completely shocked as I looked up many reviews and this product came completely recommended. I decided to give it another chance and I absolutely love this product, it most definitely controls blemishes and blackheads. The biggest plus about this product is that it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry, which is a huge plus for me!!!!!!
5. Clean & Clear Foaming Cleanser- Not the best facial cleanser in the world but, after using it for so long I haven't found another product worth buying! It does leave your face feeling pretty dry after and to be honest its quite uncomfortable when your skin is tight due to dryness. If you have suggestions on facial cleansers that leave skin clean and not dry please let me know.

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