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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 So ‘tis the season for holiday cheer which, includes  stimulating their economies with tons of shopping and time spent with close family and friends. This is also the season of the chap lip! There is nothing I hate more then seeing someone with dry lips, I mean come on ladies and gentlemen they sell tons of different lip products to keep your lips looking healthy and moist. So this post is going to be dedicated, to keeping your lips moist and healthy during the holiday and cold weather season.
Symptoms- Lips that are lacking in moisture may become dry, burning, red and swollen, small cracks, and peeling of the skin on the lips. If the skin on chapped lips becomes extremely dry, stretching of the lips may cause large cracks, which may be painful and/or bleed.
Causes- Lips often become chap because of lack of moisture and though a lack of natural oil from the lips may cause your lips to become chap, the most common cause is cold weather.
For more information on how to keep your lips moist during Winter and Summer visit :


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