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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 The first time my mom told me I could wear makeup I was ecstatic! I had stood in the background and watched for years as my mom and her friendS got ready for their nights out. Finally I thought, I would get to experiment with different eye shadows and lip colours and I could get glammed up and look like my mom and her friends. Before I had a chance to go crazy with eye and lip colours my mom stressed the importance of a good foundation as the start to any face makeup. Because it was my first time wearing makeup we decided that a drugstore foundation would be best and we went to the local Shoppers Drug Mart in order to select a colour. When we arrived at shoppers my excitement faded as I looked over each available drug store makeup brand and realized that there were very few options available for someone of my skin colour. Realizing I was defeated, my mom opted to take me to MAC, where I was color matched and she purchased my first ever foundation!!! Going to Shopper’s Drug Mart today I realized that nothing has really changed and that there are still very few options for women of color. I don’t know if it’s just me or do others feel like sometimes the options available for women of colour are very limited? The world is increasingly becoming more multicultural and intermixed it would be nice for drug store makeup brands to start recognizing this fact when it comes to foundation.
(blog based on Canadian drugstores)


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