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Saturday, December 15, 2012


So when I think of butter I think of creamy salty deliciousness that you spread on toast and some pretty slamming butter milk pancakes. So when Revlon came out with a lip butter I was really skeptical, cause I mean what is a lip butter?

So this is a Revlon Lip Butter I purchased it in #001 Pink Truffle. I purchased this colour because I thought it would be  the perfect nude for my skin tone.At first sight the Lip Butter looked exactly like a lipstick which was definitely a put off for me because If I wanted a Lipstick I would have boughten a Lipstick. After applying the product I found that this is most definitely not a Lipstick. It goes on very sheer and moisturizes the lips very well. But most importantly for me it does not create that gross line that most lip products create when they go on your lips. Because this product does go on sheer I definitely recommend building it onto your lips. When I tried it the first time I did not like it but, trying it a second time and building it on made me absolutely love this product. Though this product can't revive dry toast it can moisten lips and add colour. 


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