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Saturday, December 22, 2012


So this is a review of ELF's Mineral Lipstick, which retails for $3.00.I know people are probably thinking Kesha girl why you complaining about some three dollar lipstick, I mean what do you expect for $3.00. But although ELF is more on the cheaper side of cosmetic brands I really did think this product was going to be decent and deliver what it promises. I used the colour "rich red" and let me tell you there was nothing rich about it! The product promises that the vitamin A,E, and C ingredients would moisturize lips and that is completely false. Rich Red went on smooth but within minutes I could feel the product drying my lips, I know that lipsticks are often on the dryer side so I tried to save this lip product, but not even my Maybelline, "Cherry Me" lip balm could save it. Now i wouldn't rule out any other products from ELF because I have tried some that I really love, but on this product I have to say, keep your $3.00! I hope this review is helpful, and if you've used this product and love it PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!.
.XO. Kesha

P.S. -for those of you not brave enough to wear a red lip colour during this holiday season, Cherry Me is a great lip balm that adds a little bit of colour to your lips while keeping them moisturized. 


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