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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


First off let me start by saying, I am extremely grateful to anyone who has opened the link to this blog, took the time to read it or just browsed through the few pictures. Writing this blog is something that I have wanted to do for some time but, did not feel confident enough to share my opinions. Now that I've started I can say without a doubt it has become one of the most satisfying experiences, though it has reached more of my friends and family then actual readers, my hope is that it will continue to grow into something that people want to visit daily!

I have decided to take the next couple of weeks to really find my footing when it comes to blogging. I want every sentence to feel unique and be something that would only be said by me :). Put into the simplest terms I want to have a voice on my blog, unique to me my personality, likes/dislikes, and experiences. My goal for the New Year is that this blog will be updated daily Monday-Friday, with interesting posts based on beauty, fashion, life, and the rabbit hole( adventure). These posts will begin on Monday, January 7th! I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and I hope everyone has had a beautiful Christmas. 
Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!
.xo. Kesha 

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  1. hope you also had a wonderful holiday. i am waiting for more of your blogs come jan. 2013. keep up the great work.


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