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Thursday, December 20, 2012


So I've never quite felt like i fit in. Its like that pair of jeans you have that you desperately want to fit into. You go through the routine of pulling them on, zipping them up and trying to get the end with the button through the end with the hole, but no matter how hard you try those jeans just don't fit! Don't get me wrong I have some of the most amazing friends you will ever meet but, on the inside I just never felt like I fit in. But for the most part I did not care, that those jeans did not fit because I had a secret weapon, my Grandma. Unfortunately after struggling with kidney disease for 32 years my grandmother passed away. I. thought I was fine,I went through the whole summer without her, I worked a summer job, hung out with friends, and returned to University in the fall.Once in University I realized I was missing something, I missed that person that understood me, the person who would reassure me that not having light skin didn't mean i wasn't beautiful in my own way, or the crazy ways I dressed was okay and just another part of who I was, and last but not least the person who's unwavering positivity made me feel like it was okay to be unique! I left school in December and didn't go back because I needed to find a way to get back to being me and appreciating everything about me that made me unique. I have to thank my cousin Tasha for first suggesting that I should watch youtube videos by BeautyByJJ, who then led me to discover BritpopPrincess, and ShirleybEniang. Finally there were girls who looked like me, that were giving advice about beauty tips! And what was inspiring to me was that they were so confident in what they were doing and the advice that they were giving. Needless to say after this I became a YouTube lover and discovered other Beauty Gurus like ThePersianbabeBeautycrush, and SoTotallyvlog, who in my opinion have the most amazing style sense, which is so unique and well put together. What these gurus all have in common is that they're all positive, unique, and creative people, whose blogs/videos I looked forward to on my saddest days during last winter when I was not in school. They've each chosen to share their story with us, whether it be through video,image, or blog. Most importantly they've each taught me that it is okay to be unique and have your own individual sense of self in this crazy world. For that I am forever grateful and I hope that sharing my story whether it be through video, image, or blog, that I can inspire someone else who feels like they don't quite fit in.
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.XO Kesha

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