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Thursday, January 31, 2013


So..leave it to me to get distracted during a job interview and notice that the person that is interviewing me is wearing the most beautiful piece of jewelry!!! So I had to ask her where to get it so that I could share it on monroe and jane <3. The jewelry is designed by a local to the Niagara Region(where I live) and it is absolutely beautiful. Im writing this post right after seeing a piece in person and I can say for sure that you will not be disappointed! Visit her website here kaunisjewellery . 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


So this Monday I have to post one of my all time favourite songs! Its the ultimate throwback and it's so good I think on this Melody Monday it deserves to stand alone. Enjoy xo Kesha 


Friday, January 25, 2013


Happy Friday :)
xo Kesha


Thursday, January 24, 2013


What can I say about Cetaphil, the original formulation of this cleanser practically has a cult following. Heck, it was even the first cleanser my mom gave me when I reached the age where skin care was something that I needed to pay attention to. So I was very interested in trying Cetaphil Dermacontrol which, is targeted to people with more oily skin. My skin tends to be a little more oily throughout my T-zone so i thought that this product would be a great way to control oil, while not drying out my skin, which the product promised to do.

Oil Control Foam Wash is clinically proven to effectively remove excess oil, impurities and make-up that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

The first day i used this product I was extremely satisfied with the results, my skin was visibly less oily and it still felt moisturized. The second day using this product was like a skin care trip to hell. My skin was extremely, extremely dry and appeared to be pealing. I know with most skin care products you have to give your skin time to get used to a new cleanser, so generally things get worse before they get better, but that was not the case here. After a week of using this product my skin was dry, with no end in site, and I had a full blown breakout all over my skin. I believe the break was due to my skin trying to make natural oils to compensate for the drying caused by the product, therefore my pores were working so hard they became clogged, which lead to a breakout. 

I would definitely recommend that you use this product ONLY if your skin is oily all over and not just in the T-zone are. If your looking to just combat oil in your T-zone I would stray away from this product as I believe, it is to be used for cases where the person has severely oily skin. If your interested in trying a gentle everyday cleanser check out Cetaphils regular facial cleanser.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


First off, let me apologize for the disastrous state of my beauty blender, I will admit that it has seen better days. But in all fairness its not my fault, it took me forever to figure out how to use the damn thing... well I guess that is my fault. I watched many reviews before I purchased the beauty blender but what I didn't pay attention to was how to use it, so the poor thing has fought many hard battles against numerous foundations and concealers, during my quest to figure out this little egg shaped sponge.

My first attempts at using the beauty blender involved me dabbing a dry beauty blender into a liquid foundation which, if your familiar with makeup sponges, resulted in the beauty blender sucking up all the product. I continued this method of madness for days until finally I grew tired of the damn thing and decided it was back to the buffing brush for my foundation application. My next battle was fought when I attempted to use the sponge with concealer, once again it was dry, and once again it added nothing special to my makeup application.

Thankfully I saw a youtube video which mentioned that the best way to use the sponge was when it was damp, and let me tell you this little egg shaped sponge is a miracle worker!!! I applied four dots of foundation to my face (forehead, cheeks, and chin) and then I used the damp beauty blender in a dabbing motion to apply the foundation to my whole face. This my friends, is no ordinary sponge, this thing works wonders it gives you one of the most flawless finishes that you can get when it comes to makeup application. All you need to do, is simply wet the beauty blender, watch it grow to twice its size, and then use a dabbing motion to blend the product into your skin. Although this product retails for $20 which is quite pricey for a makeup sponge I would totally repurchase it and add it to my everyday makeup routine.

If $20 is a little out of your budget there are many beauty blender "dupes", although I haven't tried any they are sold at many makeup stores including ULTA.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Military Chic

Military Chic

Just Jane- A more literal take on the military trend, which futures a Camo print and a modern fashionista's version of a strong boot.

Mainly Monroe- A classy yet signature military inspired jacket with colours that represent patriotism in many countries in order to make the outfit pop.

Monday, January 21, 2013


There is rarely a time when I'm not listening to music, I'm either playing music on my iphone,ipod, or macbook [#team apple :)] and if I'm not physically listening to something my mind plays its own soundtrack.  By my own soundtrack I don't mean i'm bat shit crazy and I hear things in my head, I mean that there are songs that I just cant seem to get out of my head. So here on melody Monday I'm going to share with you the songs that have been playing on my technology or running through my head. They will range from newbies to throwbacks and I hope your ears enjoy what mine already love:).
xo Kesha 

Alicia Keys-When it's All Over

Miguel-Do You

Wyclef Jean- Gone Till November

Lauryn Hill-The Sweetest Thing

Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is probably one of the most hyped up products on the internet as far as beauty is concerned. If you read the title you will know that I am talking about the Bioderma Crealine H2O Cleanser.

Fragrance Free
Soothing non-rinse cleanser
Make-up Remover
Alcohol Free

This product promises that it will remove makeup from face and eyes, soothe irritated skin, and minimize redness. Bioderma is not readily available in most countries except for France, its country of origin so when I first heard about this product I was a little disappointed that I may not get to try it and, I was not willing to pay the inflated Amazon sellers price. Luckily for me I was browsing around Canadian drugstore Shoppers Drug Mart, and found that they sell Bioderma products, including to my disbelief the Crealine H2O cleanser. The product retailed for $22.00 for 250mL and though I found that price to be way to much for a makeup remover the hype got to me and I bought it anyways. I have to say that I am more then a little excited and pleased by this product, not only does it remove my makeup,but it is one the best skin cleansers I have ever used in my life.
I apply a good amount of the cleanser to a cotton pad and making sure I use both sides, so I don't waste any product, I remove all of my face makeup. I then divide a cotton pad in two, soak it in cleanser once again and put it over my closed eyes patting them gently, to avoid irritation and the creation of future wrinkles, and this method removes all my eye makeup. After I use my facial cleanser I then use Crealine H2O Cleanser again, which removes any dirt that your facial cleanser did not get, in the face washing process. I have to say that at first  I was skeptical about this product but now it's something that I use everyday religiously, though their products are quite expensive in Canada I am seriously interested in trying other products form Bioderma, given the successful results I've had using their cleanser. 

I would be interested in knowing what you guys use to remove face makeup! 
xo Kesha


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't often paint my nails anything but a neutral. My previous employer had a rule about nail polish which, he took very seriously, even going as far as buying nail polish remover in case he deemed your colour, "inappropriate". So given that this fall is the first time I was not employed there, I decided to take a few risks with my nail colour. I went for the obvious jewel tone colours, those that are rich in pigment and stand out on the nail, which is signature for many during fall/winter, but after I had them on I wanted something different.
 After the Christmas season is a perfect time to stray away from those colours! So I said bye to jewel tones, rich pigments, and glitter, and hello to the unusual.  I chose the colour, "Stormy" by Revlon, very fitting considering the fact that I bought it the day after one of the biggest storms where I live. It's a grey colour which to me has somewhat of a purple undertone when you look at it. It's not a particularly beautiful colour but its not ugly, it lays somewhere in between, which I found to be very interesting. The colour tone is very reflective of the sometimes dark and gloomy winter days that we are experiencing, therefore I don't know if its for everybody but, it is something different. I applied two coats without using a base coat or top coat, to see how long the nail polish would last on its own. I found that on my nails it lasted about a week which is not bad considering it is a drugstore nail polish, that I have suddenly grown very bored of. One of the positives for this product is that it is one of Revlon's fast dry formula nail polishes, and it does do what it says and dries fast once you apply it to the nails. It's not typical for the season but, If your looking to try something new, go ahead and try this shade of grey ;).


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


So it's before January 7th, but hey I just couldn't stay away from blogger. Every night during my "break", I would go to bed with tons of ideas about blog posts. So here I am back with a blog post to start of my New Year!
For one of my Christmas gifts, which I got to open before Christmas (yay!) I received The Righteous Butter by, Soap & Glory. First off let me start by saying, what is it with companies naming products after butter? I mean is their anything appealing about the thought of rubbing one of the worlds fattiest substances on your body? I guess its because the products usually resembles butter or has the same consistency of butter which, leads me to say,"I can't believe its not butter". (hehe I'm hilarious) Anyways I was super excited to receive this as part of a present from my friend, as it seems that my old faithful Eucerin Calming Creme has turned against me, in the face of this cold weather.  

The Righteous Butter had a lot to prove to me because, It was the first body butter I had ever tried, and the first time i had strayed from my dear Eucerin. The first thing you notice when you open it, is the scent! Righteous Butter has a slightly overwhelming floral scent which isn't for everybody but, I have really grown to tolerate/like the scent. The packaging by the way is a vintage fifties feel, so I guess women in the fifties liked smelling like flowers, whether or not this is true I don't know but I'm assuming so, cause I mean the scent lingers on your skin, forever. As I have eczema my skin is prone to dry patches, mostly appearing on my legs, I found that not only did the body butter keep my legs moist but, it managed to have enough moisture to keep those dry patches from appearing. 
 I would definitely recommend The Righteous Butter, though if your used to a fragrance free moisturizer, you will have to get used to the smell. This product promises sinfully soft skin and, unless you consider sleeping with a bag of Resee's Piece's mini's beside my bed a sin, its safe to say the only thing you will get from this product is moisture. So whether you're a saint or a sinner, try this body butter its pretty awesome.

XO kesha
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