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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


So it's before January 7th, but hey I just couldn't stay away from blogger. Every night during my "break", I would go to bed with tons of ideas about blog posts. So here I am back with a blog post to start of my New Year!
For one of my Christmas gifts, which I got to open before Christmas (yay!) I received The Righteous Butter by, Soap & Glory. First off let me start by saying, what is it with companies naming products after butter? I mean is their anything appealing about the thought of rubbing one of the worlds fattiest substances on your body? I guess its because the products usually resembles butter or has the same consistency of butter which, leads me to say,"I can't believe its not butter". (hehe I'm hilarious) Anyways I was super excited to receive this as part of a present from my friend, as it seems that my old faithful Eucerin Calming Creme has turned against me, in the face of this cold weather.  

The Righteous Butter had a lot to prove to me because, It was the first body butter I had ever tried, and the first time i had strayed from my dear Eucerin. The first thing you notice when you open it, is the scent! Righteous Butter has a slightly overwhelming floral scent which isn't for everybody but, I have really grown to tolerate/like the scent. The packaging by the way is a vintage fifties feel, so I guess women in the fifties liked smelling like flowers, whether or not this is true I don't know but I'm assuming so, cause I mean the scent lingers on your skin, forever. As I have eczema my skin is prone to dry patches, mostly appearing on my legs, I found that not only did the body butter keep my legs moist but, it managed to have enough moisture to keep those dry patches from appearing. 
 I would definitely recommend The Righteous Butter, though if your used to a fragrance free moisturizer, you will have to get used to the smell. This product promises sinfully soft skin and, unless you consider sleeping with a bag of Resee's Piece's mini's beside my bed a sin, its safe to say the only thing you will get from this product is moisture. So whether you're a saint or a sinner, try this body butter its pretty awesome.

XO kesha

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