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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't often paint my nails anything but a neutral. My previous employer had a rule about nail polish which, he took very seriously, even going as far as buying nail polish remover in case he deemed your colour, "inappropriate". So given that this fall is the first time I was not employed there, I decided to take a few risks with my nail colour. I went for the obvious jewel tone colours, those that are rich in pigment and stand out on the nail, which is signature for many during fall/winter, but after I had them on I wanted something different.
 After the Christmas season is a perfect time to stray away from those colours! So I said bye to jewel tones, rich pigments, and glitter, and hello to the unusual.  I chose the colour, "Stormy" by Revlon, very fitting considering the fact that I bought it the day after one of the biggest storms where I live. It's a grey colour which to me has somewhat of a purple undertone when you look at it. It's not a particularly beautiful colour but its not ugly, it lays somewhere in between, which I found to be very interesting. The colour tone is very reflective of the sometimes dark and gloomy winter days that we are experiencing, therefore I don't know if its for everybody but, it is something different. I applied two coats without using a base coat or top coat, to see how long the nail polish would last on its own. I found that on my nails it lasted about a week which is not bad considering it is a drugstore nail polish, that I have suddenly grown very bored of. One of the positives for this product is that it is one of Revlon's fast dry formula nail polishes, and it does do what it says and dries fast once you apply it to the nails. It's not typical for the season but, If your looking to try something new, go ahead and try this shade of grey ;).


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  1. I LOVE THIS COLOUR!!! looks so good 50 shades of grey


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