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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


First off, let me apologize for the disastrous state of my beauty blender, I will admit that it has seen better days. But in all fairness its not my fault, it took me forever to figure out how to use the damn thing... well I guess that is my fault. I watched many reviews before I purchased the beauty blender but what I didn't pay attention to was how to use it, so the poor thing has fought many hard battles against numerous foundations and concealers, during my quest to figure out this little egg shaped sponge.

My first attempts at using the beauty blender involved me dabbing a dry beauty blender into a liquid foundation which, if your familiar with makeup sponges, resulted in the beauty blender sucking up all the product. I continued this method of madness for days until finally I grew tired of the damn thing and decided it was back to the buffing brush for my foundation application. My next battle was fought when I attempted to use the sponge with concealer, once again it was dry, and once again it added nothing special to my makeup application.

Thankfully I saw a youtube video which mentioned that the best way to use the sponge was when it was damp, and let me tell you this little egg shaped sponge is a miracle worker!!! I applied four dots of foundation to my face (forehead, cheeks, and chin) and then I used the damp beauty blender in a dabbing motion to apply the foundation to my whole face. This my friends, is no ordinary sponge, this thing works wonders it gives you one of the most flawless finishes that you can get when it comes to makeup application. All you need to do, is simply wet the beauty blender, watch it grow to twice its size, and then use a dabbing motion to blend the product into your skin. Although this product retails for $20 which is quite pricey for a makeup sponge I would totally repurchase it and add it to my everyday makeup routine.

If $20 is a little out of your budget there are many beauty blender "dupes", although I haven't tried any they are sold at many makeup stores including ULTA.

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