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Monday, October 6, 2014


So, they got me! They finally got me! Who is they, you may be wondering, oh they are the lovely people at hairfinity. After months of seeing numerous celebrities post pictures of their hairfinity success stories, I finally got sucked into the hairfinity vortex after Taraji P Henson posted a picture on instagram of her hair, and it was EVERYTHING!! I mean if its good enough for Taraji then it must be good enough for Kesha, right? Well, since I already purchased the pills its definitely a rhetorical question because , Taraji got me! I haven't been on the pills for a month yet but, I am determined to see a change ( most of my friends think that I want to see a change because, with that price I had better!!)  I don't want to give a complete update yet but, lets just say my hair is feeling quite soft these days. 
xo Kesha


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