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Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Hey guys! I hope your all doing well, I'm still a bit under the weather but, I really wanted to get this post up for you. These items are definitely on my wish list this fall, and I really wanted to share them with you! whats on your fall wish list ?

the JEWELRY-  Because I couldn't pick between which jewelry item I wanted the most I have two! The first is the Orelia Wunderlust Drop Hamza Double Row Necklace ( long enough name) any ways I love this necklace it is absolutely gorgeous and I find that lately I'm really into Hamza hands.  The second piece of jewelry which also happens to be a neck is the Handcuff Chocker Necklace , and I mean come on its a handcuff! That is so cool, both of these items are available at ASOS.

the MAKEUP- On a recent trip to Sephora I asked what product I could use to warm up my face when I contour because, I had found that the contour I use leaves the area looking a little dull. The consultant suggested NARS Bronzing Powder , and I picked the colour Laguna because I really do feel that this product will add the warmth I'm looking for.

the SKINCARE- The Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs and Rose Water has been so raved about so many bloggers and youtubers that I follow that Its created so much curiosity in me I almost have to try it.

the SHOES- Saw these bad boys at Browns shoes on a recent shopping trip and when I got home I was on the internet looking for them immediate. These beauties are from Michael Kors, and no wonder they are called the Haven Suede Ankle Boot, your going to nee a safe haven for them after investing in these shoes. 

the TECH- Since I hope to produce better photo and video content I felt that this Canon DSLR remote would be awesome in helping me make that happen. I am happy to say at the time of this blog post I am actually the proud owner of this Canon Wireless Remote Controller RC-6.

the WINTER PREP- Basically last year Canada got blasted during the winter season so I figure I better start stocking up on my winter supplies now! I really love Tartan so it made sense that I would fall in love with this beautiful River Island Tartan Scarf. Its beautiful and vibrant and I could definitely be located If I got lost in a Canadian winter.

the CLOTHING- Just a simple Slouchy Cardigan from Topshop. Its black and oversized and I really think it would go with everything. Plus it would be my first topshop purchase, and it would be an awesome key piece to add to my wardrobe. 




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