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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I know you guys want to know 20 things about me take a read and tell me what you think.


1. Family and friends call me Kesha or Nicki
2. I am a Taurus 
3. I'm stillll in University 
3. My grandpa hit me with his car 
4. I suffer from anxiety and depression
5. Growing up I wanted to be a lawyer 
6. I have two half siblings 
7. I ran over a trash can at the gas station ( embarrassing and scary) 
8. I love sour cream and onion chips 
9. I drive a 91 Honda
10. Yellow is my favourite colour 
11. The only milk I drink is chocolate
12. Beauty by jj was the first YouTuber I watched
13. I really want braces (again) -my mom wants to kill me for not wearing my retainer 
14. Physicians formula powder was the first makeup product I put on my face 
15. I want a bigger butt( who doesn't ?)
16. I've never had a real boyfriend 
17. I have a dimple on my right cheek- it was love at first sight 
18. When I get a dog it will be a cocker spaniel named Molly ( dog collar will say bad bitch) 
19. I'm scared shitless of spiders- I've even called my mom to come home to kill one :) 
20. I don't sleep with a pillow 

xo Kesha


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