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Wednesday, January 28, 2015



     Look at the smile on the face in the above photo... I may seem like the average 24 year old happy and care free but, you would be surprised what I have survived. This smile belongs to a girl who once had to stay on the phone with her mother for eight hours for fear she would kill herself, this smile belongs to a girl who didn't leave her house for two months, this smile belongs to a girl with agoraphobia, anxiety, and manic depression. 

    My name is Nakesha and I am that girl. I have struggled with agoraphobia, anxiety, and manic depression since 2011. To be honest with you before my diagnosis when someone would tell me they were depressed I would automatically think " get over it", now everytime some one says that to me my heart breaks. On top of the counselling and medication, my life is a constant struggle between feeling worthless and that I deserve to die and feeling that maybe, just maybe I can beat the demons holding me. These diseases have affected me more then just mentally they have taken friendships, relationships, jobs, school and most importantly my freedom. In the last four years I have been unable to spend time away from my mother or grandfather for fear that without their presence I would harm myself. This has been my life for four years a girl who can not live without her mommy or grandpa and who hasn't spent a night away from family in four years . 

      But all that needs to change! In the year 2015 I want to be the girl who will travel to Europe with agoraphobia, anxiety, and manic depression and documents the struggles that I face on my road to regain my freedom. I want to show all the people that suffer from mental health disease that they can live a "normal" and fulfilling life. I want to show that despite the suicidal thoughts, the tears, and the loss. I am more then my diagnosis. Please help me be able to travel and at the same time raise mental health awareness and to show people that they no longer have to be ashamed. I will document my travels and struggles throughout my trip starting in Canada as I make my way to Italy and the United Kingdom.  

        In essence I am raising money to travel ! Currently I have had to quit school and forgo employment in order to be a caregiver to my grandfather who has just had surgery and is struggling with his own personal mental health issues. My current situation is extremely stressful as I am trying to overcome my own struggles and take care of myself while also trying to help someone else. Please help me to raise the funds to be able to travel so that documenting my journey will help spread mental health awareness. 

Please feel free to share my story and help me reach my goal! 

Xo Kesha 

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