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Friday, February 6, 2015


Like a burger and fries, milk and cookies, Simon and garfunkal, the perfect combo can make a huge difference and though one may not think so the importance of the perfect combo in the world of beauty can mean everything! So I wanted to share my favourite beauty combos!    

Because my skin is extremely oily and I also suffer from hyper pigmentation and acne scaring studio fix fluid has always been my foundation of choice. But for a while there I was looking for an alternative because I every time  I applied it with a brush my skin felt like had 50 pounds of make on it! Enter the fabulous beauty blender which because you use it when damp in my personal opinion it cuts down the super cakey feeling of the studio fix fluid. This combination gives me flawless skin without feeling like my face has icing on it. 

I finally found the perfect nude lip with a hint of pink combo. MAC's Spice lip liner ( shot out to Kylie Jenner for making chicks scramble for this) and Half an' Half lipstick. I love this combo on my lips especially since it's not to brown or no to pink, it's just right.  


All hail the amazing real techniques multi task brush! This thing applies blush like nobody's business. Everytime time I apply it I feel as if I have the rosey cheeks of an angel. Pair that with my favourite MAC blush  and bam It adds the exact amount of colour to my cheeks to leave me feeling like a million bucks  

I love love love the black nirvana perfume by Elizabeth and James! The whole point of perfume is that when it mixes with your skin it's supposed to create a scent that's not only just the perfume but a mixture of your body's pheromones and the perfume . I have to say  each time I wear this perfume I fall in love with a little more. I don't have the white one but I have tried the two mixed together, which is how there supposed to be warn and it smells just as good as the perfumes on their own. When I wear this perfume I looooooove to smell myself. 

I have to admits that I am extremely guilty of being one of those makeup wearing people that does not wash her brushes on a regular basis. I just found that washing brushes is such a tedious experiences. That was until I bough the beauty blender cleanser. I really and truly believe that this product leaves your bridges amazing clean not to mean the fact that all you have to do is swirl the damp brush through the cleanser and it's clean, which for me is a bonus! I would most definitely recommend trying this amaze balls product you wont regret it.

I hope you've enjoyed my five favourite combos!! Leave a comment below and tell me about your favourite beauty combos 



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