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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Recently I decided to get creative will my makeup and I know by looking at these pictures your thinking how the hell is a smokey eye creative? Well let me tell you I am in no way shape or form a makeup artist so to me this look is like my version of michealangelos  Sistine chapel!  Two snaps for KESHA who busted out the makeup brushes before the Super Bowl so while she waited for the Katy Perry halftime show to start she could take a world of selfies :)  Any Whooo here's how I got this look! 

First I used TooFaced shadow insurance all over these bacon grease eyelids so that my shadows wouldn't crease. 


1. Applied Chocolate eyeshadow all over the lid and into the crease. blend blend blend 

2. Applied Gilded eyeshadow to the inner third of the lid and once again blend blend blend. 

3. For the grand finale I applied Noir shadow to the out V to give me that smokey look and 
once again I blended the heck out of it.  I also smudged some of this on my lower lash line.

 Clinique High Impact mascara of the lashes. Also because my eye look was so heavy I opted for my current favourite lip combo of MACs Spice lip liner and Half n' Half lipstick.   

I hope you guys enjoyed this commentary on this look and I hope to god you like it! 

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