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Friday, September 25, 2015


Wednesday officially marked the first day of fall but, lets face it when Starbucks released everything pumpkin spice at the beginning of September it was a sign of the uggs and plaid shirts that would soon be seen everywhere. Although I do love me some of starbucks' fall drinks ( hello salted caramel hot chocolate, it was love at first sip) I have so say farewell to one of my favourite summer purchases. 

I shopped at J. Crew for the first time this summer and though I didn't buy any clothing I did fall in love with these amazing sunglasses. I love the retro feel of the glasses and the classic shape of them which, I personally feel will never go out of style. The glasses were $27 and I have gotten so much wear out of them. I've never really been a sunglasses person so imagine my surprise when i found a pair that were not only super comfortable and fashionable but also ones that I actually wanted to wear. 

I definitely think that everyone should checkout J.Crew for sunglasses. Just when you think all signs of summer are gone you may end up finding a pair that look amazing year round. Farewell summer me and my J.Crew glasses will see you next year.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


In a world where the hottest beauty products rarely go on sale ( unless we're talking drugstore ) you learn to love places like Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart, granted you may not get your favorite brands at a discount but, in steps the point systems and the makeup world seems a little brighter. There's only one problem with that...what store to choose. Here's a few tips to help you make your choice! 

* Added bonus of shopping both drug store and high end ! 
 *Optimum points collected turn into cash, and can be used to purchase anything in the store ( taxes must be paid when using optimum points) 
*Does not include a huge selection of brands in the beauty boutique 

*Amazing selection of brands to choose from 
*Hello Colour IQ ( try this at least once) 
*Sephora Beauty Insider Points - each dollar turns into a point which allows you to get samples at time of purchase starting at 100 points - that's a $100 purchase 
*Points don't turn into cash and a limited selection of samples 

While both stores are pretty awesome  and offer amazing perks I personally love me some shoppers. I like that my points can be turned into cash for anything in store, even if I have to pay the taxes. The added bonus to shop drug store brands ( despite limited brown girl shades - get it together shoppers- ) just makes shoppers a little more convenient points and shopping wise.


Friday, September 11, 2015


I have always been incredibly open on this blog, especially when it comes to my mental health struggle. In the past I have talked about my mental health but, I have never adressed what steps I'm taking to improve my struggle. Unfortunately, as much as I realized I needed to get help I have always either a. given up ( on counselling or cbt) or b. stopped taking medication prescribed to me by physicians. I don't know if turning twenty five had anything to do with it, or the current personal struggles in my life, but I am no longer willing to accept the mediocre. On a journey to better my mental health I have taken a medical leave from work and am currently waiting to get back into a CBT program. The reason I am sharing this is because I know that more often then not it becomes extremely difficult when your going through mental health struggles and you just want to give up. But it is important to know and recognize how much strength it takes to even admit to yourself that you have a probem, and to seek help for it. It is such a beautiful moment when you realize that you need help and you take the steps to get it. For me I have realized that there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy, and I can no longer let my mental health hold me back from that happiness.

- Kesha xo

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