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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


In a world where the hottest beauty products rarely go on sale ( unless we're talking drugstore ) you learn to love places like Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart, granted you may not get your favorite brands at a discount but, in steps the point systems and the makeup world seems a little brighter. There's only one problem with that...what store to choose. Here's a few tips to help you make your choice! 

* Added bonus of shopping both drug store and high end ! 
 *Optimum points collected turn into cash, and can be used to purchase anything in the store ( taxes must be paid when using optimum points) 
*Does not include a huge selection of brands in the beauty boutique 

*Amazing selection of brands to choose from 
*Hello Colour IQ ( try this at least once) 
*Sephora Beauty Insider Points - each dollar turns into a point which allows you to get samples at time of purchase starting at 100 points - that's a $100 purchase 
*Points don't turn into cash and a limited selection of samples 

While both stores are pretty awesome  and offer amazing perks I personally love me some shoppers. I like that my points can be turned into cash for anything in store, even if I have to pay the taxes. The added bonus to shop drug store brands ( despite limited brown girl shades - get it together shoppers- ) just makes shoppers a little more convenient points and shopping wise.


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