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Friday, October 16, 2015


It's very rare that I find myself completely speechless ( something that many of my family members will atest to) but, that's exactly what happened when I watched the documentary Searching for the Sugar Man. This documentary tells the story of Sixto Roddriguez an amazingly talented singer and writer who, in the 1970s recorded two albums. Though he had the support of major record producers, men who had called him the second coming of Bob Dylan, Rodriguez never gained fame in North America. While Rodriguez gave up his ambitions for fame, and retired into a relatively normal life in Michigan, he was becoming increasingly more popular in South Africa, something which was completely unknown to him for twenty plus years. Searching for the Sugar Man tells the amazing story of the search for a South African cultural icon, Rogdriguez, the Sugar Man. 

The film is available on Netflix and iTunes! I highly reccomend you watch this amazing story.


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