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Sunday, February 7, 2016


The fact that I am going to be a mother soon absolutely terrifies me which, I'm sure is a feeling that a lot of soon to be mothers share. I am such a control freak/planner in life but, a baby and motherhood is something that is so absolutely unpredictable. That being said happiness and excitement have shared equal space with that terrified feeling. I feel so amazingly blessed that this little miracle chose me to be his/her mama, and so I am ready and willing to ride the unpredicatability train.

Pregnancy for me thus far has been extremely lonely. Often I find myself suffering from extreme moments of anxiety, and depression thinking about the fact that I will be a single parent. 

How do I deal with these moments?

All it takes is the sound of my baby's heart beat, and the image of his/her tiny body moving on the screen, to remind me of my bigger purpose in life. I truly believe in my heart that everything will be okay.


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