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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Makeup loving Canadians rejoice, Shoppers Drug Mart now carries NYX Cosmetics! Word on the street ( well word on Reddit but, same difference) is that NYX replaced Almay in Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada. While I don't know if this rumour is true, I am really excited to see NYX a brand that caters to all skin tones in Shoppers Drug Mart stores. No offence to Almay but, they never carried many shades for us chocolate girls and when a brand does that I just can't get behind them. If you see a NYX display in your local Shoppers Drug Mart be sure to try the Butter Glosses, the Lip Suede's, and pray that Shopper will soon carry the Lip Lingerie's.  

p.s. NYX Canada also has free a standing store  on Queen St. in Toronto 


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