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Monday, June 6, 2016


Top 5 Beach Vacation Essentials

At 36 weeks pregnant, I'm experiencing all the anxiety, discomfort, and excitment, that comes with the anticipation of meeting baby in 4 weeks. That being said the anxiety and discomfort, has me dreaming of a relaxing beach vacation. I'd love to be lounging on a beautiful beach in Fiji, and I've partnered with HomeAway to share with you, my 5 Beach Vacation Essentials.
The first thing in my bag would be my iPHONE! Not only does my phone camera allow me to document and share my trip on social media, it's also full of my favourite music, books, and games. A big FLOPPY HAT for style, and more importantly sun protection, epecially since I don't always keep sunglasses on. LIP BALM with SPF is a must because nothing haunts me more, from vacations past, like the black sun burnt lips I got in Trinidad when i was eleven. MARIO BADESCU FACIAL SPRAY WITH ALOE HERBS AND ROSE WATER is my hot weather skin care saviour! I love spraying this on my face after makeup application, and after moisturizer when I'm going makeup free. This spray can be used at anytime during the day and leaves your face feeling fresh and hydrated. INCENSE, the most random thing on this list but, lighting lavender at the beach just adds to the relaxing atmosphere. My boyfriend reccommended this essential, as incense is something I've used alot the past couple of months to help me relax.  

Beach vacation essentials vary from individual to individual. 

What do you consider essential? 

Please comment below and share your top 5! 

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