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Thursday, September 15, 2016


DIY Active Charcoal Mask
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Holy Crap,  I put Elmers (school) glue on my face!!! I don't know what shocks me the most, that I actually went through with it ( sorry Moram I was really leaning towards a hell no on trying it) or, that I liked it so much, I want to do it again. Recently, a friend convinced me to do the DIY Active Charcoal Mask and,while I'm game to try DIY's Elmers (school) glue on my face, it is definitely not my idea of good skin care.

Ingredients for DIY Charcoal Mask
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 Bowl to Mix
2-3 Active Charcoal Pills
Elmers Glue
Brush to Mix & Apply

Active Charcoal Mask
Add Charcoal and 2/3 of the Elmers Glue Bottle in a bowl and stir!
Apply a thick layer of the mask and be sure to check for missed spots created by air bubbles. 
When the mask is completely dry, it will turn black like the photo below!
Once dry your ready to PEEL IT OFF!!!

DIY Active Charcoal Mask
The peeling process can be a little bit painful, but as we all know beauty is pain!! I was really skeptical at first but, I think this mask is absolutely amazing and totally worth it,when you consider how cheap the supplies are. Im even considering doing this as opposed to Biore strips. Big thanks to my friend Moram( pictured above) for sharing this mask and allowing me to use her photo on the blog! 

If you've tried this mask or have any other suggestions for DIY masks, please comment below and share !!


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