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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


A child is a blessing. A child is a blessing A child is a blessing !!

That is the mantra I  repeat in my head, every time I look in the mirror since giving birth. Not only was I blessed with a beautiful daughter but I was also the recipient of more hips and boob then I'll ever need or want. On top of all that I am now a full time employee of the wiping butts club, digging poop out of my finger nails, and shirts designed with spit up.

 3 months after giving birth I looking for a dress that was appropriate for a wedding. I was already stressed because I had never gone to a wedding as a guest, and that being said ... thank the lord for being part of the wedding party, although the dress may sometimes be ugly, it requires no thinking! you show up and wear it. 

 So, there I stood in my tenth store looking at what felt like my millionth dress and this is what i was thinking

1. God I can't wait to get out of these sweats!

2. Disclaimer to sales person "I've just had a baby so my body isn't back to 'normal' yet.

3. Disclaimer  # 2  " I really was skinny before "

4. Holy Shit my boobs are huge

5. Wow! Her poop looks like human poop

6. I'm definitely not having any more kids!

7. Thanks for the hips Mieke !

8. Nothing fits me!

9. I need shape wear like a mofo!

10. God I can't wait to get into some sweats !

** This post was purely written for fun! Just little random funny thoughts!It is in no way meant to make fun, criticize, or shame anyones body, whether they've had a baby or not ! It's all love and laughs **


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