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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


A child is a blessing. A child is a blessing A child is a blessing !!

That is the mantra I  repeat in my head, every time I look in the mirror since giving birth. Not only was I blessed with a beautiful daughter but I was also the recipient of more hips and boob then I'll ever need or want. On top of all that I am now a full time employee of the wiping butts club, digging poop out of my finger nails, and shirts designed with spit up.

 3 months after giving birth I looking for a dress that was appropriate for a wedding. I was already stressed because I had never gone to a wedding as a guest, and that being said ... thank the lord for being part of the wedding party, although the dress may sometimes be ugly, it requires no thinking! you show up and wear it. 

 So, there I stood in my tenth store looking at what felt like my millionth dress and this is what i was thinking

1. God I can't wait to get out of these sweats!

2. Disclaimer to sales person "I've just had a baby so my body isn't back to 'normal' yet.

3. Disclaimer  # 2  " I really was skinny before "

4. Holy Shit my boobs are huge

5. Wow! Her poop looks like human poop

6. I'm definitely not having any more kids!

7. Thanks for the hips Mieke !

8. Nothing fits me!

9. I need shape wear like a mofo!

10. God I can't wait to get into some sweats !

** This post was purely written for fun! Just little random funny thoughts!It is in no way meant to make fun, criticize, or shame anyones body, whether they've had a baby or not ! It's all love and laughs **


Monday, March 26, 2018


A few days a go I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an inspirational video. As I sat there and the video started to play, I thought to myself... heres another bored millennial who thinks that he has all the answers as to why people are unhappy with their lives. I totally tuned out the beginning of the video and when I went to turn it off I heard something along the lines of ... 

We are so unhappy with the things that we have, that were working ourselves to death trying to obtain what society says are "luxuries", whether that means immulating what you see on television or social media, or just envying the lives of those around you. By the time we've worked our asses off to first buy the luxury items, then there is all the work that goes into maintaining and keeping them, we've had no time to actually enjoy the luxuries we've worked so tirelessly for or the true luxuries in life like friends, family, and just the daily day-to-day. It becomes this vicious cycle of someone constantly working in order to maintain this so called life of "luxury", that eventually they forget about the true riches of life, because they are so focused on trying to keep material "luxuries". 

The words of this video really spoke to me, I can't tell you that last time I was genuinely happy because, I'm constantly thinking about how to get more "luxuries". I'm ashamed to say I'm constantly obsessing about different ways I can make money so I can get THINGS, meanwhile I have a beautiful family who I should be spending time with instead of worrying my self into a depression, because I can't obtain expensive things. Its only been a few days since I saw the video and to be honest I can't even remember the page where I saw it ... all I know is that I am determined to work on the way I think and the way I live my life.

I am learning that happiness isn't a single solitary "thing" that makes you happy but, many things that come together in ones life to create an overall feeling of happiness.



Thursday, March 8, 2018


Recently a friend  suggested that I start reading Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grants book Option B. Being that I was in the mood to get back into reading, I went out to my local bookstore and bought it right away. By the fourth page of the introduction I was in tears, and I knew that this book was going to  change me, and profoundly change the way I look at certain events in my life. While the book is written by both authors, it is told from the perspective of Sandberg, after the sudden passing of her husband. Option B is about the capacity of the human spirit to persevere.  Because so much of what I'm reading has touched on issues and grief I still have in relation to my grandmothers passing, I thought I would document my thoughts and feelings on the blog, going chapter by chapter.  

Just like Sheryl Sandberg Introduced you to the cause of her grief in the book, I wanted to do the same on here... 

On May 5, 2011 Bernadine Joseph passed away after a valiant 32 years long battle against kidney disease. She was my grandmother. She was also my best friend. 45 minutes before she passed away my cousins and I walked into her room,arms linked, prepared to say our final goodbyes. As I entered the room I couldn’t believe the amount of machinery it was taking to keep my grandmother alive. Taking it all in, I instantly felt absolutely nothing. And by nothing I don’t meant that I wasn’t completely devastated and heartbroken, because I was.  The nothingness came in the form of feeling nothing, it was like every part of my soul had died, in preparation for the inevitable. I remember watching my cousin say her final goodbyes. She walked towards my grandmother sobbing hugged her tight, and whispered a final message in her ear. 

As I walked towards her, I willed myself to say something meaningful to her, for the last time but couldn’t muster a single thought, so I walked up and simply kissed her goodbye. The inevitable eventually came  at 10:46 pm, that was the exact moment that Bernadine Joseph took her last breath, that was the moment I started to grieve. 

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