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Saturday, December 6, 2014



1. The happiness I feel when there is lots of laughter in my life.
2. My ability to argue and stand for what i believe in. 
3. The fact that I believe that everyone in this world is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs. I believe that this is why my most cherished friendships have lasted so long.

As a bonus I have to say that I am proud of my ability to continue to be strong despite the struggles and obstacles that have come my way. 

Xo Kesha 


Friday, December 5, 2014


My guilty pleasure is most definitely Trinidadian food! You can't get it where I live so when I make the 1hr drive to get it I need as much as I can get!!! I love doubles, red solo, and mango chutney. Trinidadian food is the guilty pleasure. 

Xo Kesfa

Thursday, December 4, 2014


It was hard to think of a single memory that meant enough to me that it would be the only memory I talked about in this post ... But to put it simply, I could not. Then i though about it and realized that every childhood memory I've had was filled with this woman's love. Whether she was singing a lullaby, rubbing my back, or explaining to a hysterical eleven year old Nakesha that dying does not hurt, my Grandma was always there for me. So this post today is in Loving Memory of the beautiful, strong, and loving Bernadine Joseph. Every moment you gave me is a challenged and loved memory and I thank you for that.

xo Kesha



Poor Janelle had a head ache by the end of the day :(

Good thing I don't have a business! Now I don't feel so guilty about missing day three! Instead of blogging I spent my day three catching up with my Korean sister! Eating cheeseburgers, dragging her to makeup stores, going to the bakery, and finally staying up to the wee hours of the morning doing scratch tickets and talking! I definitely needed this, not only was I able to talk to her freely knowing she would accept whatever craziness I said ( and trust me in the last months I have been my very own brand of honey nut crazy) I finally had a moment where I felt like someone truly cared about me ! Amidst all the crazyness going on in my life right now the 36hours I got to spend with Janelle this week has truly been the best moments I've had in the last couple of months! 

Xo Kesha
ps. monroe and jane ...come from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I know you guys want to know 20 things about me take a read and tell me what you think.


1. Family and friends call me Kesha or Nicki
2. I am a Taurus 
3. I'm stillll in University 
3. My grandpa hit me with his car 
4. I suffer from anxiety and depression
5. Growing up I wanted to be a lawyer 
6. I have two half siblings 
7. I ran over a trash can at the gas station ( embarrassing and scary) 
8. I love sour cream and onion chips 
9. I drive a 91 Honda
10. Yellow is my favourite colour 
11. The only milk I drink is chocolate
12. Beauty by jj was the first YouTuber I watched
13. I really want braces (again) -my mom wants to kill me for not wearing my retainer 
14. Physicians formula powder was the first makeup product I put on my face 
15. I want a bigger butt( who doesn't ?)
16. I've never had a real boyfriend 
17. I have a dimple on my right cheek- it was love at first sight 
18. When I get a dog it will be a cocker spaniel named Molly ( dog collar will say bad bitch) 
19. I'm scared shitless of spiders- I've even called my mom to come home to kill one :) 
20. I don't sleep with a pillow 

xo Kesha


Monday, December 1, 2014


So my full name is Nakesha Racheal Mercedes,( we're going to leave out the last name, in case there are any crazies). On May 16, 1990 when I was born my mothers main goal was to give me a name that sounded expensive! I'm 24 and I'm living the life of someone who loves to laugh but, doesn't know who the hell she is yet! (I'm a work in progress people). I am the biggest cheeseburger aficionado alive, I am half Trinidadian and half Jamaican, and I live in Canada.
I'm really excited to take you guys on this 31 day journey/challenge with me. 

xo Kesha



So here it goes I'm going to do the 31 day blog challenge starting from today wish me luck muffins! 
Xo Kesha 


There are not enough words to describe how much I love the TooFaced Melted Lipsticks. These products go on smooth, are extremely pigmented, and do not dry out the lips. The colour im wearing is mixed berry which I felt went really well with my skin tone while allowing me to wear a bold fall / winter lipstick. If you haven't picked up one these lipsticks then girrrlll you better get to a sephora and check it out. A good option would be to pick up the melted lipstick holiday set which includes 4 of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. Leave me a comment below or picture showing me your melted lipstick pout! Cause if your like me your definitely feeling yourself!!!!
xo Kesha 

Friday, November 14, 2014

the MASK- Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask

But why God ? Seriously why?!?! That is the question I asked the day after I used this mask. I really wanted to like it, heck I really wanted to love it but, my face had other ideas. 
Before even purchasing the origins charcoal face mask I did tons of research, read reviews, and even consulted the associate at the aephora where I purchased the product. 

The Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask 

promises that it will address the following issues:

When environmental toxins, dirt, and debris get under your skin, its waste-filtering system gets jammed, pores get clogged, and skin looks cloudy. Nature's complexion clean-up crew gets to the bottom of skin's overcast condition and clears the way for it to act its best. 

Unfortunately for me, this product didn't really do anything it promised, it clogged my pores, gave me a horrendous break out, and just overall scared the crap out of me. I know you usually have to try a product more the once to see if really works and does what it promises but, I was not willing to take that chance. I will admit that my face felt tighter and cleaner immediately after I washed the mask off but, the resulting break out wasn't worth the twenty minutes of clean and tight skin.  This product was a thumbs down for me and after one use i cleaned off the lid and took it right back to Sephora. Sorry Origins it just didn't work out this time. 

Have any of you guys tried Origins products? Whats your favourite one? 
Leave a Comment Below!!
xo Kesha 

Monday, October 20, 2014


ahahahah so yes guys my grandpa did hit me with his car! if you want to find out why, and some other random stuff about me check out my new video 50 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME!

xo Kesha


Friday, October 17, 2014


December 6, 2011 is a day that I will never forget. Let me just set the scene for you. Imagine a lecture haul crowded with students anxious to get their FILM exam over with, and imagine me sitting in that lecture haul nauseas and dizzy, and wondering why the hell I feel that way. I got up to go the bathroom, thinking that If I just peed I would be able to get back to my essay question (I had the perfect answer planned). Unfortunately, no such luck for me I continued to feel nervous and agitated so, I turned in my incomplete exam and rushed back to my dorm room. 20 minutes later I was in the back of an ambulance with my left arm numb and the paramedics taking my pulse. This was my vey first anxiety attack and it sure was not going to be my last. Fast-forward to three years later and I have been diagnosed with manic depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia. Although I don’t feel all of these things every day or even at the same time, it still is a constant struggle to deal and manage with every day life when you don’t have all the coping mechanisms.  Its different for everybody but for me it takes medication, counselling  a close friend, and eating a lot of feelings for me to make it through a week. Why am I telling you this? Well, recently I was reminded that you never truly know what someone is going through and I really think that as human beings we should all take the time to consider, that the people who surround us may have more going on in their lives then what appears on the surface. I smile on the surface but for me everyday is a constant struggle a constant battle not to return to the aftershock of December 6, not to return to the girl who didn’t leave the house for 2 months. Be compassionate you never know what someone else is going through.

xo Kesha


Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Hey guys! I hope your all doing well, I'm still a bit under the weather but, I really wanted to get this post up for you. These items are definitely on my wish list this fall, and I really wanted to share them with you! whats on your fall wish list ?

the JEWELRY-  Because I couldn't pick between which jewelry item I wanted the most I have two! The first is the Orelia Wunderlust Drop Hamza Double Row Necklace ( long enough name) any ways I love this necklace it is absolutely gorgeous and I find that lately I'm really into Hamza hands.  The second piece of jewelry which also happens to be a neck is the Handcuff Chocker Necklace , and I mean come on its a handcuff! That is so cool, both of these items are available at ASOS.

the MAKEUP- On a recent trip to Sephora I asked what product I could use to warm up my face when I contour because, I had found that the contour I use leaves the area looking a little dull. The consultant suggested NARS Bronzing Powder , and I picked the colour Laguna because I really do feel that this product will add the warmth I'm looking for.

the SKINCARE- The Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs and Rose Water has been so raved about so many bloggers and youtubers that I follow that Its created so much curiosity in me I almost have to try it.

the SHOES- Saw these bad boys at Browns shoes on a recent shopping trip and when I got home I was on the internet looking for them immediate. These beauties are from Michael Kors, and no wonder they are called the Haven Suede Ankle Boot, your going to nee a safe haven for them after investing in these shoes. 

the TECH- Since I hope to produce better photo and video content I felt that this Canon DSLR remote would be awesome in helping me make that happen. I am happy to say at the time of this blog post I am actually the proud owner of this Canon Wireless Remote Controller RC-6.

the WINTER PREP- Basically last year Canada got blasted during the winter season so I figure I better start stocking up on my winter supplies now! I really love Tartan so it made sense that I would fall in love with this beautiful River Island Tartan Scarf. Its beautiful and vibrant and I could definitely be located If I got lost in a Canadian winter.

the CLOTHING- Just a simple Slouchy Cardigan from Topshop. Its black and oversized and I really think it would go with everything. Plus it would be my first topshop purchase, and it would be an awesome key piece to add to my wardrobe. 




Monday, October 13, 2014


Hey guys! I hope your all doing well! Unfortunately I've been feeling really ill, so todays posts will be short and sweet. I thought I would share the above quote with you because, it represents so much of what I want to do here on Monroe and Jane. I have spent so many years being others' version of "me", and I feel like Monroe and Jane is the beginning of me finding the beauty in being 100% myself.



Hello beautiful people, I hope your all doing well on this fine Monday, also a 
Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today. 
So, heres the thing I will probably NEVER be a model but, I can be the Tyra Banks of Monroe and Jane. Tyra Banks swag was exactly what I was feeling when I took these pictures of my outfit that I wore on Friday. 

stylebeauty blogger

fashion blogger
This outfit is completely H & M unless you count the underwear lol. I don't know what it is about H & M this fall but, I am totally in love with everything in store, right down to the accessories, I mean look at that bag! its FAB 
I definitely suggest you check out H & M, if your looking for Fall or Winter clothes, also please feel free to share your favourite stores to shop for Autumn/ Winter


Sunday, October 12, 2014


paloma faith

If you haven't heard the sweet sounds of Paloma Faith yet then you are clearly missing out, I know I was!! Her voice is absolutely beautiful and her music is like being trapped in the most amazingly soulful time machine with not intention of ever leaving. I just discovered her yesterday and I have been playing her music non stop since the moment I heard "Changing". Here are two of my favourite songs "Changing" and " Only Love Can Hurt Like This".  


Only Love Can Hurt Like This




Recently I took a trip to The Bay to stop by the Clinique counter ( on a side note I really don't feel that The Bay gets the credit it deserves for carrying some amazing high end cosmetic brands and fabulous fashion, at least in my itty bitty opinion) back to the important pot at hand. I went to The Bay to pick something up from the Clinique counter and I was fabulously surprised when I received a gift after making my purchase. When I first dipped into the bag I was quite skeptical as I didn't really believe  that anything offered would appeal to me but, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and had a good chance to look at the products. 

First, lets talk about the beautiful makeup bag that the products came in! I feel like Clinique is one of the brands that does a really good job of rewarding their customers, case and point, this fabulous makeup bag. The bag includes an eyeshadow palette, clinique chubby stick, high impact mascara, eye makeup remover, clinique moisture surge and last but not least dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I haven't been able to try all the products but here is my brief thoughts on the things I've tried thus far. 

Eye Makeup Remover- I tried this to remove a full eyeshadow look, complete with mascara and, I still had to go back with my trusty Bioderma to finish the job. It got rid of the eyeshadow, unfortunately it just didn't work on the mascara.

Cinique High Impact Mascara- I have been wanting to try this mascara for the longest time. I really loved the way it made my eyelashes look but, I think this mascara will work a lot better once it dries out a little more because, while it did lengthen my eyelashes and give it that, "high impact" look,  it was just a little overly wet for my taste. 

Clinique Chubby Stick- Two words to describe this products- NO PIGMENT. I will have to try it a little more to see if it keeps your lips moist throughout the day but, it for sure does not offer any colour pay off. 

Clinique Moisture Surge- This product which is supposed to feel like a gel, actually felt great going on the skin. Having applied the product onto my face before bed, when i woke up my face truly felt moisturized and nourished. I would definitely purchase a full sized Moisture Surge.

So, there you have it my mini review of the products I got, as a gift with purchase from Clinique. I will certainly  try the rest of the products and let you guys know how it works out. I hope you have enjoyed this mini review. 
xo Kesha 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

the FALL HAUL 2014

I went shopping!! I literally think  I am singing those very words in this still from my Fall Haul video. I am super excited for you guys to watch this video and, I apologize for the fact that it is H&M heavy but, they had some really great pieces to add to my fall wardrobe. There is also some pieces from Forever 21 and Jounery's! 
Happy Viewing
xo Kesha

Monday, October 6, 2014


Ever since I started Monroe and Jane I was determined for this blog to be a success.
 Hell, when speaking to friends and family members I was adamant that I was going to be the next Michelle Phan or ItsJudyTime, that being said, I hounded friends and family to read my blog and repeatedly spammed any social media platform I could reminding people of new post. Needless to say there was an element missing in my formula, I rarely ever posted on my blog and when I did it was often lack luster and lacking the planning needed to create a great blog post. Having neglected my blog for some time I am happy to say that I am finally going to take this blog in the direction I have always dreamed of. In order to do so I have made a new investment.

 I would like to introduce everyone to my new baby the Canon Rebel T3i . This baby is going to allow me to post pictures with amazing quality as well as make videos which will be posted on my Youtube channel as well as linked here on the blog!! The goal is to update everyday with something new and exciting about beauty, fashion, or just my crazy life! I hope you all enjoy and thank you for joining me on this journey. 

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So, they got me! They finally got me! Who is they, you may be wondering, oh they are the lovely people at hairfinity. After months of seeing numerous celebrities post pictures of their hairfinity success stories, I finally got sucked into the hairfinity vortex after Taraji P Henson posted a picture on instagram of her hair, and it was EVERYTHING!! I mean if its good enough for Taraji then it must be good enough for Kesha, right? Well, since I already purchased the pills its definitely a rhetorical question because , Taraji got me! I haven't been on the pills for a month yet but, I am determined to see a change ( most of my friends think that I want to see a change because, with that price I had better!!)  I don't want to give a complete update yet but, lets just say my hair is feeling quite soft these days. 
xo Kesha


Sunday, August 10, 2014


So guys I finally did it! What is it you may ask.... It, is the big chip! I finally cut all the relaxer out of my hair and now I have been choppedly left with 100% natural hair ( let's just ignore the maybe two inches of relaxer left in the front of my hair). I have to admit after having short hair for almost a week I am finding that I have extreme respect for girls who have been rocking short hair and keeping it cute for a hot minute. I'm not going to lie I have been wearing a wig for the majority of the time since I've cut my hair. Hey don't judge me do you know how arms feels after twisting for almost 2 hours not the business!! Anyways below is a video of my first natural hair care haul and a few pictures of the products ! Hope you enjoy.




Sunday, July 27, 2014


Hey lovely people! I know I've been Mia for a while but I'm back ! I recently recorded a YouTube video which included my top ten makeup products under $10! Click the LINK below and check out what I think. I hope you enjoy this video!!! 


Thursday, May 29, 2014


" My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return".


Monday, April 28, 2014

the Cheesecake Factory

it was the best roomie in the worlds birthday last week so we celebrated with a little trip to Buffalo and a bit of the Cheesecake Factory! Here's a video of our adventure and a few pictures from our day! 

kale salad which was demolished before a picture could be taken.

complimentary bread! there was a battle for the whole  wheat

janelles meat loaf 
the usual "kesha order" bacon cheeseburger (hard to screw up a burger :P) 

i have an addiction to ketchup!

adam's peanut butter cup fudge ripple! *droool* so delicious!


Have you ever been to the cheesecake factory?
What is your favourite cheesecake?

Tootles Noodles 
Kesha xo


Friday, April 25, 2014


A while back I was in the market for a new shampoo. I was pretty happy with the length of my hair and my hair health but i decided that my hair was starting to look a little damaged and dry so it would be a good idea to give a new shampoo and conditioner a try! On my quest to my new shampoo and conditioner I made my first mistake by going to Shoppers Drug Mart , now I know that  you can't necessarily expect every cosmetician/ beauty boutique expert to be an expert at everything BUT there are black people in Canada along with people of many different wouldn't hurt  if the "expert" knew a little bit about African American hair. I mean I've come to terms with the fact that they will almost never have the darker shades of foundations at the Shoppers Drug Mart's in my area but geeze can us black girls get a little love in the hair department? 

So I put my faith in the supposed "expert" and she suggested the worst shampoo I have ever used in my life! Not only did this shampoo dry out my hair, it also damaged my hair so badly I had to cut off several inches of hair! I fully accept that sometimes a shampoo may just not work for you but I specifically asked for a shampoo that would be appropriate for African American hair which this shampoo clearly wasn't (in my case)! I would suggest that drugstores in Canada educate there employees more, so that they can actually help the people of many different ethnicities who live throughout Canada. 

On to the shampoo & conditioner ...

which promised to repair dull and damaged hair and for best results to then use the conditioner which will hydrate hair, smoothen frizz and soften brittle hair! Needless to say the shampoo did none of those things for me and as I said above it just made my hair extremely worse. Unfortunately because of my experience with this shampoo I will not be purchasing any products from Marc Anthony in the future!

Have you tried Marc Anthony products?
Which ones?  Did they work for you ?
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